The 15th century slabs found in the Reyes Católicos de Toledo work will be placed in the same area but in a "better" way

2022-06-15 13:53:13 By : Mr. Kevin Leung

TOLEDO, 27 May.(EUROPE PRESS) -The historical tiles from the 15th century that have been found, in recent days, in the paving works of Reyes Católicos street in Toledo, thanks to archaeological controls, will be placed again "in the same area, but in a better way" .This was announced this Friday at a press conference by the Councilor for Works and Services, Noelia de la Cruz, who added that this series of "granite" tiles have been found in the section between the descent of Calle del Ángel and Pintor Matías Moreno street.De la Cruz explained that these slabs, which according to city historians were placed at the entrance to the School of Arts, did not have concrete underneath to support the placement of the pieces and, due to this, there were problems of water seepage.Faced with this situation, she has stressed that they are studying how to solve this problem to put them back in the same place where they have appeared.In line with these works, the Councilor for Works and Services has deciphered that in the ordinary session that the Local Government Board held this Thursday, the works to expand and improve the sanitation network on Reyes Street were approved Catholics, with an amount of 14,298.40 euros.Similarly, she has pointed out that the conditioning works of the San Jerónimo road were awarded for an amount of 74,088.31 euros, which will last two months once the execution begins."The objective of this work is to intervene in just over a kilometer of track in order to restore the functionality lost after the passage of storms," ​​she said.Regarding another matter related to the Works and Services Area, she has indicated that this Thursday the contracting file for the service of removal of transport and management of O2, generated in the biological treatments of the sewage treatment plants of the city of Toledo, began.The base budget for this project is 49,500 euros and will cover an execution period of six months.On the other hand, she has announced that the approval of the project was also carried out and the start of the contracting file for the improvement of energy efficiency in the Santa Bárbara sports pavilion, with 80 percent co-financing through Federal Funds.The tender budget is 220,000 euros and the duration of the works is four months.In view of the Big Week of Corpus Christi in Toledo, the collaboration agreement between the Toledo City Council and the Association of Florists of the Province of Toledo has been approved for the floral decoration of the processional route of Corpus Christi 2022. As stated by the councillor, the Consistory's contribution is 58,000 euros.Likewise, the Governing Board has accepted the classification agreement of the bidders who have participated in the award process for the contracting of the Installation of chairs on public roads for the Corpus Christi procession, with Ángel-Abraham Hernández Sánchez's offer being the only presented and accepted.The base budget for the tender is 1,000 euros.In this regard, the spokeswoman for the local Executive has indicated that in the coming days this contract will be awarded and the sale of tickets for the chairs of the procession on June 16 will begin.Once it occurs, you will find out through the usual municipal information channels.In another order of things, the local government has authorized the contract to carry out the Digital Training Program for the elderly for better access to digital public services.This program, which has a bidding budget of 36,720 euros, is co-financed by Feder Funds and will last 6 months.As reported by De la Cruz, the collaboration protocol between the City Council and the Ingeus entity for the development of a training program for employment and green entrepreneurship has also been approved.On the other hand, in this week's ordinary session, the councilor stressed that the Local Government Board has authorized the Civertold company to install the Summer Cinema in the Las Tres Culturas park auditorium for the 2022 season.In relation to this issue and questions from the media, the spokeswoman has advanced that portable toilets will be installed to offer this service to attendees, since those in the auditorium will be conditioned within the reform that the local government will carry out in the Parque de las Tres Cultural announced this Thursday by the mayor."In principle, they require a significant investment that we are currently drafting for that investment in the entire park, including the auditorium and the toilets," she pointed out.Among other matters, a budget of 13,648.80 euros has been approved for the commemorative activities of the 40th Anniversary of the Statute of Autonomy of Castilla-La Mancha and, in addition, approval has been given to the request presented by the Neighborhood Association 'La Voz del Barrio' to carry out the celebration of the Fiestas del Barrio de Palomarejos, which will take place from June 1 to 5 in different areas of the neighborhood.Finally, De La Cruz has emphasized that the private insurance contract for civil and patrimonial liability of the City Council and its autonomous bodies has been authorized with a base bidding budget of 130,000 euros, a duration of one year and an extension of two more.Rosa Benito responds hurt to Rocío Carrasco's harsh accusations about her motherAlgeria calls Albares an "arsonist" for pointing to Russia and questions his ability as a diplomatAt least 25 injured in Switzerland at a party where guests walked on glowing coalsNews and current affairs portal of the Europa Press Agency.© 2022 Europe Press.The redistribution and redistribution of all or part of the contents of this website without your prior and express consent is expressly prohibited.